DECEMBER 30, 2023

Confronting Africa’s escalating drug crisis head-on, a spectacular Continental Narconon rehabilitation center opens in a private, peaceful and idyllic environment—a former game reserve occupying 520 acres of African savanna. The opening was made possible by generous contributions from members of the International Association of Scientologists.

On December 30, 2023, some 1,600 guests gathered on a sunny Saturday for the stirring Grand Opening ceremony of the Continental Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Training Center for Africa. They came from near and far to help dedicate the breathtaking new Narconon, and heard from local, regional and national dignitaries who praised not only the vast and magnificent facility, but the life-changing goals that can be attained now that the state-of-the-art complex is open.

Dignitaries from across South Africa join ABLE and Narconon representatives to inaugurate the new Continental Narconon Africa.

Reclaiming lives from addiction requires a distraction-free setting, and the new Narconon provides that in ways only the Mother Continent can. Standing at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains, Narconon Africa is situated upon 520 acres of savanna, where herds of giraffes, zebra and a variety of species of buck run free—all of which are stunningly visible from the center’s lookout decks, offering panoramic views of the veld below. Amidst the serene setting and wonders of nature, the expansive campus comprises 27 buildings specifically designed for delivery of the breakthrough drug rehabilitation program based on the discoveries and writings of L. Ron Hubbard.

Centrally located in the North West Province city of Rustenburg, the Continental Narconon provides a tranquil setting for rehabilitation less than two hours from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. Moreover, the center will not only house dozens of students on the program at a time, it will also serve as a training center for the creation of Narconon facilities throughout the continent.

Thus this astonishing new Narconon center will expand a growing worldwide Narconon network that is freeing individuals from drug and substance abuse.

Answering the call for help against the scourge of abuse was the recurring theme running through the grand dedication. Accordingly, Narconon Africa comes at a time and place when it has never been more needed.

One in five South African adults currently abuse drugs or alcohol, creating a staggering total of 10 million people addicted. Of those who seek help and go through other drug treatment programs, far too many relapse and wind up back in rehab a year later, a problem officials continue to struggle with.

Among the dignitaries and change makers on hand at the dedication was Ms. Nozibele Makanda, the National Head of Municipal Health Services. She acknowledged the “triple crisis afflicting South Africa: poverty, joblessness and inequality,” but said the underlying root of all three was drug addiction. The result, Ms. Makanda said, is “a certain level of helplessness in dealing with addiction.

“But today I can thankfully say our call has been answered with this wonderful new Narconon! With Narconon, I believe we can help our young people realize their potential without any interference,” she said, adding that, with the center’s dual function of training new drug addiction specialists, “we will see a renaissance across our communities and thus, through the lives that will soon be saved, Narconon has the power to give Africa back its glorious potential!”

Mr. Eugene Ngoetjana, Secretary General of BRICS South Africa (International Alliance), shared his impression of the new center as “a magical place filled with self-help tools and majestic views of mountains that look like they were carved by the gods.

“This new center communicates hope, resilience and the transformative power of rehabilitation to inspire lasting change. It brings the tools needed to combat addiction. Narconon means less drugs, less crime and less money in the wrong hands to perpetuate evil. And that’s the most powerful catalyst for change imaginable,” he proclaimed to loud applause.

Mr. Thamsanqa Maqubela, an internationally recognized scholar, CEO and Founder of the South African Council for Graduates, told the crowd that, in Africa, “60 percent of youth are unemployed and over 50 percent of college graduates can’t find a job.

“Studies show that street drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs are more prevalent among the jobless. I have seen drugs tear apart groups, leaving people hopeless and destroying their futures,” he said. “And all the while, I felt there was nothing I could do. That’s until I was introduced to a glimmer of sunshine and hope … Narconon.

“Through this lifesaving technology of the venerated L. Ron Hubbard, you are empowering our graduates. You are steering them away from suffering and moving them to heights of freedom one can scarcely imagine. My heart is filled with joy for the bright future to come through this new Narconon Africa.”

Ms. Busisiwe Memela is CEO of the South African Social Security Agency, a national agency of the South African government mandated to administer welfare and pension benefits for South African citizens.

“Throughout my life and work in social development and public service,” she told the crowd, “I’ve observed two cold hard facts. One: addiction destroys lives. And two: there is an ever-increasing demand for effective solutions. Our communities need help.

“The fact is, in Narconon, I see a strong partner. A partner I can work together with to break the glass ceiling of rehabilitation. We are going to change our country—street by street, and community by community,” Ms. Memela added. “It has been said that in the darkest skies we see the brightest stars. So today, all of South Africa shines bright.”

The final speaker, Bishop Thabo Mapela, Deputy President of the South African Christian Ministers Council, summarized the hope that this new drug rehabilitation center brings to Africa. “I see a highly effective program that gives Man the knowledge and power to take control of his life. You provide knowledge that can help bring people back to God and reverse the moral decline of society.

“And now with this pristine facility, it’s plain to see why you rehabilitate lives like no one else in the drug rehabilitation field,” Bishop Mapela declared to rising applause. “Our country and our continent need this. Our great leader Mandela said, ‘To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.’ And that is what I see in this new Narconon center.”

Narconon celebrates over 50 years of saving lives, boasting centers in more countries than any other drug rehabilitation program in the world, with a global network spanning six continents.

Narconon is unique among drug rehabilitation programs in that it offers a drug-free, nonmedical withdrawal to end the hold of addiction. Narconon’s detoxification method is based on L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery that drug residues remain in the fatty tissues of the body long after the use of drugs. This breakthrough process rids the body of those toxic substances. Also unique to the program is the fact it addresses the physical and mental pain that caused the person to turn to drugs in the first place, helping ensure they never go back to drugs again.

Today, thousands upon thousands of Narconon graduates lead drug-free lives.

The new Continental Narconon center in South Africa now stands among the pillars of a Narconon network spearheaded by Narconon Arrowhead, the flagship drug rehabilitation and international training center located in southeastern Oklahoma and representing the world’s largest facility of its kind. The network further includes the Continental Narconon Europe on idyllic Lake Arresø in Denmark; the Continental Narconon for Latin America on a historic hacienda in Villa Victoria, Mexico; the Continental Narconon United Kingdom, situated on a country estate in East Sussex; Narconon Suncoast amidst 7.5 acres of serene woodland property in Clearwater, Florida; a Narconon to serve artists and leaders on a hilltop estate in Ojai, California; and Narconon Nepal in the shadow of the Himalayas atop Hubbard’s Peak, named in honor of L. Ron Hubbard.

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